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During my time at Norse, I helped shape and manage the Live Attack Map product — as well as other marketing and engineering endeavors. As a creative leader and liason, I got the unique opportunity to work collaboratively across every team in the company on a variety of efforts.


Space and time have never been closer. AstroEye shows you planetary alignments in real-time, atmospheric conditions, temperature, surface gravity & other facts about our galactic neighbors; including Pluto.


Pathoe is a smartphone application for iOS and Android that helps visitors to the Lake Tahoe area find nature hiking trails, scenic hotspots and more. Utilizing a modern and simple layout and user interface style, Pathoe boasts a familiar user experience from the moment you open the application. No burdensome tutorials or explanations necessary.


I spent two and a half years at nCircle and had the exciting opportunity to be a part of a fast growing powerhouse in the tech world—more specifically, in the IT and SaaS sector. As the lead designer and creative liaison between 4 corporate locations, I successfully navigated nCircle through a full rebrand in the USA, Canada, & UK. Beyond the rebrand, I designed for print, mobile applications and web with enterprise level and small to medium business clients positioned as our target audience.

Rebuilding Together San Francisco

Having had the chance to collaborate with Rebuilding Together San Francisco on advertising and branding for their 25th Anniversary milestone was a sincere honor and pleasure. The following pieces showcase and celebrate the many volunteers and community members that keep RTSF going strong year after year. If you would like to learn more about RTSF or how you can volunteer, visit


Born from a generations-old family recipe and championing the New York Salsa Slam, ZAPOsalsa has become quite a delicious sensation. Currently available in Queens, New York, this homemade style tomatillo salsa boasts an all organic ingredient list with a little love mixed in. The logo was hand de-stressed to reflect the owners journey in bringing ZAPOsalsa to fruition (through thick and thin).


Sleek, sassy & classy. The Nibbles cat treat brand invokes design inspiration from its company mascot, Mr. Bo Nibbles! Cunningly staring at you from the aisle shelf of pet and grocery stores nationwide, this branding and packaging strategy was devised with the objective of being engaging and friendly while remaining cute and functional.

Musee Mecanique

Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco is where you'll find the mysterious Musée Mécanique The type treatment and design aesthetics were inspired by the wear and tear of various early 19th century games and entertainment in the popular venue. The main characters (demon possessed dolls) were used in the core advertisement and were also greatly influential in the textures used throughout the project.


Utilizing data available through, this colorful annual reporting series highlights global economics at large. Meticulously sorting through data to arrive at the top ten for-profit corporations in the top ten wealthiest countries of 2010, globanomics offers a fresh perspective on who the "global giants" really were.

sooth seeker

Sooth Seeker was inspired by a 1935 publication called "The Secret Museum." It has no author or credits, no copyright, no date, no page numbers, no index, but it does show the world as it was during that time. Utilizing images from this public-domain book along with my photography & illustration, an esoteric intro-sequence was created to illustrate the mysterious essence of this pilot television series. "Seek and ye shall find."

American Heart Association

Combining information related to heart failure and prevention through an anatomical heart design and color palette, a cohesive awareness campaign was launched for the American Heart Association. Open layouts and negative space were employed to increase information consumption, while modern typography helps establish a hierarchy in the importance of facts and take home knowledge.

Nature Magazine

Available for download on the iPad and in a monthly printed subscription, Nature Magazine focuses on one of life's most interesting subjects, planet Earth. As a hybrid publication, its target audience ranges from environmentally conscious adults to curious kids interested in learning more about nature. Paired with bold and colorful photography, this publication informs as much as it entertains.


"Unzip the Fun" only begins to describe the shear sensation that is ChardonYay. Playfully suggestive, the brand utilizes a strategically placed die-cut throughout its entire brand system to arouse attention. With a target audience of males and females ages 22 to 28, this sexy brand boasts four organically fruit-infused flavors that are a guaranteed conversation piece at any social gathering.

creative process



This is where all the magic happens. We talk about creative goals, the scope of the project from a birds-eye view & possibilities respective of timeline. We can then define a list of milestones & deliverbles to put a strategic plan in motion.




Brainstorming will help grow any idea organically. Roughing out concepts with pencils, pens, markers & digital tools will help pave the way to refined solutions that are worth exploring and further expanding upon.





This stage is essential in helping avoid creative redundancy and to ensure refined concepts aren't already in existence somewhere else in the world. A little market research & analysis can guard against bigger headaches later.




All creative avenues have been researched and reviewed, and a good amount of conceptual developement has been enlisted to arrive at the best design solution. Its better than magic!



I'm Carlos. I maintain a regular focus on creative problem solving, design thinking, brand, brand management, marketing, web, UI & trends in UX.

Beyond my ambitious creative efforts, I spend as much time as I can outdoors hiking and biking with my partner, caring for my ferocious felines and celebrating culture through food and travel. I also have fun keeping my instagram rolling.



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